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Sewerage services have been provided for most of Winooski Park since 1939, the first and for many years the only part of the Town of Colchester to have such. On 19 January 1987, District voters unanimously approved an “Agreement” between the District and the Town that transferred the District’s sewerage business to the Town. The “Agreement”, prepared by District officials, marked both the culmination of amicable negotiations initiated by the Town in 1984 and the successful conclusion of the District’s historic work of building and operating the Town’s only wastewater treatment facility. Under terms of the “Agreement”, the Town assumed the ownership of and responsibility for sewerage works in the District. Subsequently, the Town entered an agreement with the City of South Burlington whereby sewage from the Town is pumped to that city’s Airport Parkway Water Pollution Control Facility for treatment.

The Town’s Public Works Department is directly responsible, under the Town’s Select Board, for operation of wastewater services within the Fire District. Requests for sewage connections and questions about sewage bills should be addressed to that Department.

The Fire District’s Prudential Committee is responsible for overseeing the rights and considerations held by the Fire District with respect to wastewater treatment services as stipulated in the 1987 ‘Agreement’ with the Town of Colchester.


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