Persons desiring to have a new water service connection or proposing a building project that will entail a substantial change in the volume of water drawn through an existing service connection are advised to consult Article 4 of the Fire District's Water Rules & Regulations, where the conditions, application and permitting process are spelt out. For the fees, see the District’s current rates and fees schedule.

In sum, the approval of all new service connections is a two-stage process:
(1) Allocation Process: applications for adequate water allocation capacity must be completed and submitted to the District Manager before the applicants submit preliminary building plans to the Town of Colchester. Download a copy of the application for water allocation.

(2) Connection Process: a person with an approved and valid Final Allocation permit must submit it and a completed Water Connection application to the Manager at least 30 days prior to the connection being made to obtain a permit for the connection. Download a copy of the application for water connection.

Both of these processes are connected with the Town of Colchester’s building and permitting processes. See the Town’s Planning and Zoning Dept. for links to Town forms and permits.


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