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Residents of Winooski Park who can vote in Colchester Town Meetings are also eligible to vote in the annual and special meetings of Colchester Fire District No. 1. Annual meetings are held on the 4th Monday in January. In accordance with its charters and Vermont State law, the voters, who are ultimately responsible for the welfare of the Fire District, adopt the District’s Bylaws. The Bylaws articulate the government of the Fire District. The current Bylaws were adopted by the voters of the District at the annual meeting held in January 2006. They are the District’s fourth set of bylaws and immediately supersede those that had been in place since 1982.


Under the Bylaws, the governance of the Fire District is entrusted to its Prudential Committee, composed of three voters elected by their neighbors for terms of three years each. The Committee elects its own Chairman. The Committee, which also serves as the District's Water Commissioners, is responsible for setting rules and ordinances for the District, negotiating with other public and private agencies, planning so that current and future water and fire protection needs of District residents and business are met, and overseeing the work of District officers. Voters elect both a District Treasurer and Clerk whose responsibilities are described in the Bylaws. The Prudential Committee appoints the District Manager, Water Superintendent and Assistant Treasurer, whose responsibilities are described both in the Bylaws and other documents adopted by the Prudential Committee.

At the Fire District’s annual meetings, held on the 4th Monday in January, voters elect members of the Prudential Committee. According to the District Bylaws, the Committee is responsible for the governance of the Fire District and the management of its affairs, property and interests (Art. 8.1). The Committee holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Hoehl Welcome Center on the campus of Saint Michael’s College. Information about future and past Committee meetings can be obtained from the District Clerk.


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