The Fire District’s charges for water are consistently among the lowest in Chittenden County, and this is made possible by virtue of the good work of District officials and the fine cooperation of District customers in paying their bills in a timely fashion.

The Fire District bills customers quarterly for their metered-use of water and for their share of a special assessment to repay the bond loan used to rebuild the District's water mains in 2013. Bills are to be paid within 30 days of billing and sent to the address indicated on the bill. If a customer’s bill is not paid by the due date, the customer becomes liable to a late payment fee. If a customer’s previous bill remains unpaid at the time of the next quarterly billing, the late payment fee will be applied and the customer shall be sent a late payment notification, which warns that the customer shall be declared in delinquency if the unpaid balance is not paid by the late payment date on the notice. Customers in delinquency are liable to have their water service disconnected and to have liens placed on their property until their accounts are fully paid. The procedures for billing and payment are found in Article 10.4 of the Fire District’s Water Rules & Regulations, and in the supplementary ordinance on Water Disconnection.

Questions about bills and payments should be addressed to the Assistant Treasurer. For current charges for water use, see our rates and fees schedule.


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