To report an apparent water break, damaged fire hydrant, leaks in water lines or other water emergency, please call the Superintendent’s emergency number: 373-8403. Please provide information about the nature and location of the emergency.

Colchester Fire District No. 1 has a service contract with Champlain Water District to provide on-site repairs to both District and customers’ water services. For repair service, please call the Superintendent during normal business hours at 864-7454 ext 120.

The Fire District is responsible for its water mains and fire hydrants, for water service connections from its mains up to and including the curb stops, and for customers’ water meters. Only the Superintendent or his agents may operate, repair, replace, remove or modify the above items or turn water on or off at the curb stop.

Customers connected to the District’s water system are responsible for repairs to the service line from the curb stop to their building and for all internal plumbing (see District Bylaws, Art. 15.3, and Water Rules & Regulations, Art. 5.9).


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