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Colchester Fire District No. 1 owns and operates, under permit of the State of Vermont, a public water distribution system. The Fire District purchases its drinking water from the Champlain Water District as do several other municipalities. All residences, institutions and businesses located within the Fire District obtain their water from the Fire District; wells are not allowed. All premises are metered and billings are made quarterly.

The Prudential Committee, acting as the water commissioners, is responsible for regulating the Fire District’s water system, overseeing its operation and development, setting fees and charges and for approving new service connections.

The District Manager is responsible for managing the water system, and general queries about the system, connections, and permits should be addressed to him. For information about the permit process for making new connections and about use of fire hydrants, see those sections.

The Superintendent is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water system, issues of water quality, and emergency services. For information about emergency services and repairs, see our emergency information section.

The Treasurer is responsible for billing customers and receiving payments. For information about current fees and charges and billing procedures, see our fees & billing section.


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